Is it conceited the “About” page is just a picture of me? Oh well, I like it.

Since this is the “About” page of my site, I guess I should give whoever is reading this some background about why I decided to revamp my blog. With so much change going on, having a steady place I can mentally go to brings stability in my life. I created this website awhile back, but never gave it the care it needed and got lost in other things. I want my website to be an outlet for my creativity and a place I can go to when my mind is scrambled. This is a new way for me to reflect and implement a new form of mindfulness into my daily routine (if I can keep up with it—let’s see. Baby steps.) So, with that said, I’m excited to see where this goes and hope you (and whoever “you” are is pretty cool since you’re reading this) will enjoy.